Tips and How-tos, FAQs

Why should I use Supreme Wrapping Film?

Avery Dennison’s Supreme Wrapping Film gives vehicles an instant colour change.
It has class leading exterior durability, due to its dual-layer construction, and is very cost-effective when compared to traditional paint alternatives.
Supreme Wrapping Film boasts superior 3D conformability and features Avery Dennison’s Easy Apply RS™ adhesive technology, allowing fast and hassle free installation.
As an instant paint replacement it adds to the value of a vehicle, helping to preserve the factory OEM paint and protects against UV exposure and scratches.
The current standard product line consists of 33 standard colours and a number of eye-catching finishes including gloss, matte, metallic and pearlescent. A range of limited edition matte & brushed metal finishes are also available where a unique and exciting special look is demanded.

Can I apply the film myself?

Application of Supreme Wrapping Film requires special skills and knowledge that can take a number of years to perfect. Although easy to use, the application should be left to trained professionals in order to get the best possible result and ensure your wrap looks good over the life of the installation.

Are there any special application techniques?

Supreme Wrapping Film applies very much the same way as other Avery Dennison Easy Apply™ films.

Important things to remember are:

  • water is not required for application and should not be used
  • use appropriate tools, such as felt edged squeegees
  • always post-heat stretched areas to 90°C but no higher than 110°C.

For further information please refer to the Avery Instructional Bulletin 1.19

How should I care for my wrap?

Supreme Wrapping Film behaves in a similar way to automotive paint.
If left in constant contact with dirt, grime and contaminants, it will eventually degrade, especially if left uncleaned and exposed to UV light and heat. Therefore, we recommended that vehicle graphics should be cleaned on a weekly basis or whenever they appear dirty, at an absolute minimum every two weeks. This ensures that your graphics retain optimal visual appearance for the duration of their life. Generally, the best way to clean a finished graphic is with a high quality dedicated car wash solution or a mild liquid detergent. It’s important that the detergent is specifically designed to be used for vehicles:

  • free from abrasive components ideally PH Balanced, thus not highly acidic or alkaline (pH level between 5 and 9)
  • free from strong solvents and/or alcohols.
Note: Do not use common home dishwashing detergents, or any soaps not designed for vehicle washing.

For more information please refer to the Avery Instructional Bulletin 1.8

Will Supreme Wrapping Film make my old car new?

In order for Supreme Wrapping Film to work as intended, the vehicle that it is applied to needs to be in top-notch condition. Rusted, chalky or aged paint will not provide the optimum surface for the film to adhere to and will end up causing the film to peel and come off.
In addition if the vehicle paint is not in ‘like-new’ condition or has been repaired and the bond of the paint to substrate is of poor quality or condition, then final application will not be covered under Avery Dennison’s ICS Warranty.

Is Supreme Wrapping Film hard to remove?

No not at all.
Supreme Wrapping Film uses a patented adhesive technology which allows the film to be easily removable for the life of the application.
Just remember to apply heat, using a heat gun or even better a wallpaper steamer as this will ensure that the film removes cleanly and easily without any problems.

Will it damage my car’s paint?

As long as your vehicle paint was in good sound condition and free from any defects there will be no damage.
In fact it will offer protection during the time it is installed.

How long will it last?

Typically in Australian conditions coloured films will have a vertical life of up to ten years and a horizontal life of up to four years. Metallic and brushed metal films tend to have a shorter life span of four and three years vertical and two and one and a half years horizontal respectively.
In order to maintain the durability it is important to follow correct cleaning procedures and maintain the wrap as you would normally do with a painted finish.
For more information please refer to the Avery Instructional Bulletin 1.3